Economic issues and interests form the basis of the vast majority of legal issues. Hence, our approach is to first identify and analyse the underlying economic issues and find a solution for those issues together with the client. This concept for the economic issues determines our legal approach while we use the legal means available to optimize the solution for the economic issues. To bridge the divide between legal demands and economic needs is the topmost guiding principle of our consulting approach.

We provide each client with truly individual consulting tailor-made for his or her business model/concept and economic targets. Selective acceptance of assignments ensures that the strategy developed jointly with the client will be implemented efficiently with swift turnaround times and that Oliver Steffens will be available as personal contact during the whole time allowed for completion of the assignment.

Oliver Steffens has many years of experience in handling complex assignments with international background. A selection of projects is listed in the experience section of this website.

To provide excellent consulting while managing time efficiently is our commitment to clients. Should the assignment require special knowledge in areas of law that are not within our core competence, we will openly address this and suggest to consult one of our associated law firms. In that respect we do not have any exclusive agreements in place so that we can and will find the colleague that is the best fit for your needs.